{ Lori in the light }

child of light

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silences of God


silences of God

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holy silence

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. moon touch



i want to touch

in the way of the moon

reaching gently in, knowing

the bare planes in pale swaths

without pause, or hurry

close & quiet, even & translucent

feeling all around & through

the way barest light breathes

over every contour & crevice

a blue white roundness,

touch that is shadow & thought

& whisper of time, or transcendence

i want to know

all the way through the body

in the caress of deep light

faint, sure of itself

all at once & true

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pale night


pale night

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Forms 147. Sketch.
Mixed Media: Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrylic.


Forms 147. Sketch.

Mixed Media: Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrylic.

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Really tho.


Really tho.

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natteglød (night glow), harald sohlberg


natteglød (night glow), harald sohlberg

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Raymond Meeks


Raymond Meeks

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How To Disappear Completely by Radiohead
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{inquire within}


are you aware of your own skin & bones—how your chin brushes your clavicle ridges & planes & blades concealed & revealed the surprising pain of a hipbone bruise, bones barely beneath skin—bones you can feel (bone bits inside your fingers & toes) maybe skin & bones are opposite but not opposed—surface & structure, a marriage of movement (the dotted line of your spine) (breath within your ribs) skin & bones break & grow, skin stretches as bone extends (shoulder blades emerge) bone is center as skin is circumference core to edge (you have a skull). do you know your own skin & bones?

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Holocene (+rain) by Bon Iver
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